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Always, Stand By Me [part 2] complete (pic heavy attn)
Hey, it's that time again! Well, I can't keep going on at this pace forever, but at least I've held it for these two books.
First of all, thanks to everyone for your kind comments. Most of the credit should really go to the author, I'm only interpreting his work.
Secondly, there were some... fuzzy spots in the translation. It may not show, but I kind of hope to correct them in the future. Sorry.
Thirdly, here's a little bonus - well, it was sort of a treat for myself, too, but I hope you can enjoy it.
Last Sunday I decided to get off my ass and go down to Choufu to look at the places that are so dear to us, FMP fans, namely Jindai High and the area around it. It's not exceptionally impressive or anything, but I thought it would be nice to just go there and walk around (I like taking long walks, ok? =P ). The photos are relatively big (depending on your connection; right click > Open for full size).  

^Temple near the school.

^ That looks familiar, too.

^ Tamagawa river, and the bridge that appears in some of the scenes

^ I made sure to find the exact bushes where Whitey was hiding...

Finally, when I was going back, it turned out the clock near the station was weirder than I thought. Crappy quality, but w/e:

Yeah, Japan is famous for its random stuff, isn't it. But overall, the neighbourhood is pretty nice, and I could even call the area around the school upper middle. Nice place...

Finally, download links:

Over and out until... the next time? I may continue with some side-stories. Now that everything has ended, I want to go back to Fumoffu-like stuff.

As usual, thanks to Lanove for the scans.

Oh and, since we're in an FMP! mood, and I haven't seen this before:

This is pretty epic. Sry if it's old.

you are amazing, thank you so much! n_n also the pictures of the school, it really does look similar! i'm in awe :)

Ты просто потрясающий, говорю снова, только по-русски=) Спасибо громадное за перевод и фотки! Просто поразительно быстро!

Ты сам снимал эти кадры?? Ты живешь в Токио??

Еще раз СПАСИБО! Пошла читать)

Ненадолго заехал, так сказать. Была возможность, и я решил совершить паломничество =)
Не за что, мне самому было приятно.

Thank you very much, I can't wait to know what will happen to Sōsuke and Kaname.

By the way, you did a wonderful job, and I'm amazed at your speed.

Thank you so much- I have no idea how you are able to do these translations so quickly, and to such a high standard to boot! I really enjoyed the finale :-)

Thank you so much for everything, really, THANK YOU! you are a lifesaver.
i can't believe it's finally over, it's such a bittersweet moment. Can't help but feel a little sad when a good story ends.

wait a min you live in JAPAN!?

You LIVE in japan?!?!!?!?!?

-just found out-

Those pics..^.^..they are so amazings!
*sighs dying of happiness from USA Florida*
*kisses his feet for making the story!* i shall die in happiness..;-; do you want me to pay you in those metalicballies for those games, whats it called? packactu? :P

Re: wait a min you live in JAPAN!?

No, I just... dropped by for a short time.

And thanks, but I'm not a fan of pachinko, haha =P

two fangirls die in Florida tonight.

thank you SO much for your speedy work translating! FMPtards everywhere thank you!

Congrats for the hard work!!
you'fe made me SOOOOOOOOOO happy this night T_T

I'm a brazilian fan of FMP and I'm here all this years reading the novels, reading de comments in animesuki forum and waiting for the grand finale that was beautifullllllll
thanks to gatoh-sama and thanks to you!! hontou ni arigatou ^__^

Strongly Hope they do the animated serie and that gatoh-sama to do the short story, continuing the history after this book...

onw more time, thank you! ^_^_^
*Carol Chidori*

Ahhhh thanks for the pictures of the city too.. so nostalgic scene *-*
wish I could be there someday!!!


I... I love you

Thank you so much! You honor every FMP fan by taking the time to do this!

HUGE thank you for all your hard work!

you only visited japan? o.O...where DO you live?
If you went all the way to japan to see FMP area,..i proceed that your the biggest fan..ever... lol..

Your one in a million and I would cry diamonds in happines!! Tonight am snuggling with cookies and to read your translated chapters with glee!


Thank you very much!!!!!
I can't find words to thank you for your work. We all owe you!!!


Благодарю Вас снова и уже по традиции прошу разрешения разместить Ваши переводы на русскоязычных фансайтах) Боюсь задавать этот вопрос, но любопытство мучает - нет сил: когда мы можем надеяться на перевод на русский? Разумеется, самые нетерпеливые уже все прочитали по-английски, но на родном языке все же приятнее. Желаю Вам успехов в переводе сайдстори и еще раз говорю от всей души: "Спасибо!":)

Thank you so much for the translation. And the pictures, it's pretty cool to see the things described in real life!


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